Frequently asked questions

The Compass project aims to help students prepare for their mobility by putting them in contact with students who have already gone abroad or with local students at the desired institution or destination. To find out more, click here.

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This website is still under construction and you will be soon able to reset it yourself. As for now, please send us an email so we can change it for you !

Other members have access to your public profile. But it doesn't show all your information. For example, your last name or email are not public.

No, there is no obligation. You can simply post on the platform.

As many as you wish but make sure to target the topic of your post.

Tags are used to classify posts according to their topics so that you can easily find publications on the topic that interests you. It is required to put at least one tag, of course tags must correspond to the topics of your publication.

You can publish as many posts as you like.

You don't have to answer the questions, they are examples on various subjects to inspire you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to answer it or not ! If you don't, you can click on one of them and change the title of your publication.



As many as you wish.

All posts must be written in english otherwise they won't be published.

Yes, and we encourage you to do so !

No, you can simply write your first name.


The moderator of the platform reads and publishes the posts. You might need to wait a couple of days for your posts to be published. But, if you have writen more than 5 comments or 5 posts and they have been published, you are a trustworthy contributer ! This means your publication won't be moderated anymore.

You do not need to subscribe to look for information about your destination or mobility in general. In case you want to add a contribution or publish a post, you can take a look at the dedicated FAQs.

The service is totally free.

Yes, you can read the different posts and contributions even without looking for your destination and by looking for a different keyword through the "Search" bar. You can also look for popular tags.

Of course, reading a contribution might even help you to pick up your dream destination.

If the contributor has entered their contact info or social media, you can get in touch directly. Otherwise, you can comment the post and ask to provide you with this kind of information or by sharing yours and ask to get in touch with you.

You can go to the bottom part of the homepage and click on "More information about the Compass project". You will be redirected to the "Presentation" section and there you can read about the project itself and the partners. You could also fine useful data and information about mobility in the "Resources" section.

ESN Italy developed a project called AskErasmus where you can be matched with an italian ESN volunteer who has had a similar experience in your destination and you can ask for further information.

If you go on the platform there is a search bar where you can look for testimonials by country/university and tags. Tags are used to classify posts according to their topics so that you can easily find publications on the topic that interests you.

Yes, if you enter the testimonial you can leave a comment, like you would do on social media! Also, if they left their contact info, you can get in touch directly.

Yes, if they left a comment.

Yes, you can look for the the tag "accessibility" through the "Search" bar. If you think the pieces of information are not enough or would like to know more about the university services or destination, you can take a look at the dedicated platform

Not through the platform. Only if you put your contact info or social media accounts.

Yes, you can look for it even wothout logginfg in and we really encourage you to do it, so the information ic always complementary.

Yes, and we really suggest you to do so, in order to provide readers with really concrete information (e.g. link to the university website, link to the local ESN section etc.)

No, but only your name will be visible.