Don’t forget your umbrella

Posted by Ilaria   on 19th May 2022
My Erasmus experience is Liège was marked by months of rain and cloudy sky. Nevertheless, I think that at that time I was not yet as meteoropathic as I am now, so I managed to adapt very quickly and was able to enjoy, despite the bad weather, the fantastic experience that Liège gave me. Arriving in September, I found a very variable climate. In fact, the temperature ranged from 10 degrees to peaks of 20-22 during the day, for which sunscreen and short-sleeved t-shirts were necessary. But unfortunately the good season does not last long. In fact, from October onwards I had to deal with rather cloudy and gloomy sky and unpleasant drizzle. So my advice is to always dress like an onion, in layers, especially since the temperatures inside the buildings could make you feel very hot. But at the same time don't forget an umbrella and a rain coat, very practical for weekend trips.

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