Get lost in the city of Salamanca

Posted by Ilaria   on 19th May 2022
Founded in the 13th century, Salamanca is the second oldest university city in Europe and is seen as one of the most beautiful universities in the world. Getting lost in the narrow streets of the city and admiring its monuments made of Villamayor stone, a light beige sandstone, was my favourite pastime. As a first stop, I went in search of the small frog carved on the large entrance wall of the university. Apparently, according to legend, if you manage to find it, you will be blessed with good luck and pass all your exams (which actually happened ;)). Then, another mandatory stop is Plaza Mayor, the city's main square, a magical place that is almost deserted in the morning and quite crowded in the evening, with students and families coming to admire and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the illuminated arcades and balconies. Finally, a place of the heart where I went to relax, think and find some inner peace was the riverside, connected to the city by the famous Roman Bridge. From there, it was possible to admire the majestic cathedral of Salamanca and meet many companions by chance. It was probably not only my favourite place!

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