The best moments of my weekends in Universitat Linz

Posted by Léonard   on 27th July 2022
In a way, Austria is located in the centre of Europe. During weekends, I was either going to other places in Austria or abroad. Regarding the places in Austria: - I have been to Salzburg and Innsbruck which are very nice cities in the Alps - I have been multiple times to Vienna, which is an amazing city (lovely castles, parks, cultural facilities…) - I have visited a lot of cities with beautiful lakes (Gmunden, Hallstatt…) I have also been to the neighbouring countries including: - Germany (Munich) - Hungary (Budapest) - Croatia (Zagreb and Split) I still have to visit Czech Republic, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, and the eastern of Switzerland as well as South Tyrol in Italy. For sure, you will have a lot of things to visit: nature, big cultural cities, opportunities to party…

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