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Posted by Léa   on 9th October 2022
Of course! I didn't have a very busy schedule at university, and there are several organisations that run discounted trips for international students. During my 5 months in Granada, I took the opportunity to visit Malaga, Sevilla (during "las ferias"), Valencia (during "las fallas"), Murcia, Alicante and Cordoba. I preferred Cordoba and Sevilla, they are cities with incredible architecture, history and culture. I went to the Canary Islands too, to Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the landscapes are beautiful and I have great memories. But Granada will always remain number 1 in my heart, I will never get tired of the charm of its Alhambra. I have also travelled outside of Spain, to Portugal: to Lisbon and the Algavre region. During the school holidays I had there, I didn't go back to France but I took the opportunity to visit Morocco (Fez and the desert of Merzouga). The culture is so different from Europe that there are no words to describe this trip as it was so rich for me! I came back from my trip full of memories, with lots of images of beautiful landscapes.

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