My free time in Cy Cergy Paris Universite

Posted by Jérémy   on 16th May 2023
CY Cergy University is located near a large shopping centre called "les 3 Fontaines", where you can go shooping and do activities such as bowling or going to the cinema. It has just been rebuilt and is even more modern than before, with a large restaurant and fast food area. In the city centre, next to the RER A station, there is the François Mitterand park where you can eat on the grass and rest before going back to study. The Cerclades library, which is located just above the RER A station (without the noise that this implies), has been my favourite place to study and has a huge amount of books. If you have more time to walk around or go out in the open air, there is the Cergy leisure centre which is a 20 !minute bus ride from the city centre. This leisure centre is amazing as it offers many activities throughout the year surrounding many connected lakes, which surround an arm of the Oise. You can swim on one of the artificial beaches and go on the big slides, do accrobranche, water skiing, archery, fishing, rafting and many other things. And, of course, a little barbecue with friends. The main axis is a large park that starts at Cergy le haut and goes down to the leisure centre. For sportsmen it is really ideal. A little further on, a large skating centre has recently opened and people are increasingly going to see hockey matches of the local team: the Jokers. If you want to go out in the evening, I recommend Port-Cergy, it's a harbour on the banks of the oise where you can relax on the terrace with your friends.

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