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Watching a sunset in Malaga
by Clarisse   on Jul 06
If you want to get some height, take a mini hike and have the most incredible view of Málaga, which lies between the sea and the mountains, then you can go to Monte Victoria. It's almost an initiation pass haha. Erasmus people gather on this hill to listen to music, have a picnic, meet each other, and admire this city and its sea that stretches as far as the eye can see.
The erasmus HQ
by Clarisse   on Jul 06
If you arrive in Málaga on a study trip or just visiting for a day, you can easily find people from all over the world in an area with international bars: Camden Lock and Bakkano. Once you have found this area, you will meet many people! A little tip: you can ask the bakkano for a chupito (shot) Erasmus (you will see the price is very very affordable). Life is very accessible and cheap in Malaga!
The gesture that saves in the event of an incident...
by Clarisse   on Jul 06
When you move to Spain for a while, you have to register with a Health Center - un Centro de Salud - where you can choose a doctor. This takes a few minutes and can be very useful if you have health problems. In Malaga, there are many Health Centers. There is one for each neighborhood. If you type on the Internet: "Health Center or Centro de Salud Malaga", you can easily find the one closest to you ;)
A hidden but fascinating museum
by Clarisse   on Jul 06
I spent hours in a museum called El Museo Carmen Thyssen. Its structure blends in with the houses, but it is in a place that you can't miss. It is a museum with many works by artists from around the world that illustrate Andalusian and Spanish life. Its collection and themes allow you to immerse yourself in the history of Andalusia and its traditions. It is a rare gem. The little extra: it's a complete and accessible shop if you want to leave with a small souvenir such as a bookmark. I found a wonderful book there!