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Places to have a great time
by Etienne   on Aug 08
When I'm asked about the places I've spent the most time at, two of them come immediately to my mind : The Original Bierkeller and Bar One. 2 totally different bars for amazing nights ! The Bierkeller : an atmosphere like you've never seen before, with rock music, (real) pints of beers or cocktails, people dancing on the benches and singing at the top of their lungs. The Bierkeller brings the German culture straight into the center of Sheffield, and that's Deutsche Qualität my friends ! Bar One : Careful, this bar is going to be your home. Located right under the University of Sheffield, it is designed by the students and for the students (you must be one to enter the place). A lot of place to sit, indoors and outdoors, reasonnable prices, this is a perfect bar for uni students. I'll never forget the fantastic karaoke sessions we had there !
Moving around in Sheffield
by Etienne   on Aug 08
Sheffield is quite a small city, I haven't used a lot of transports to move around except my own feet ! However, there is a tramway that goes in the center and near the University of Sheffield, which is useful sometimes.