Vigo Pontevedra

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Get an accomodation in Vigo, Spain
by Lelio   on Jul 21
Finding a house in spain in not very complicated and not that expensive. As for Vigo, you can look on the websites : Mil Anuncios and idealista. Most of international students/ intern get a shared flat in Vigo. You can also contact ESN Vigo, they will help you get an accommodation. Some volunteers keep the contacts of many landlords that rent flat for a semester for international students. About prices, you can count between 200 and 350€ top per month. Most students live in the city center or around (the area between the city center and plaza america). I wouldn't advise to live close to the university. If you live in Vigo, there is buses that goes to the university campus (CUVI : Campus de la Universidad de VIgo) in around 30 minutes. The main bus stops are : Plaza España and Plaza America.