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In Radboud University is organized a Welcome week at the end of august for students to meet. I didn't go but their also was a Welcome Weekend in september. When you register you get a welcome pack with some goodies and the Radboud sweater !! During the welcome weekend we were divided in groups with mentors from the university. We hang out all together all weekend, we had a bowling night, we went partying, ... And we stayed close all semester, we organized swimming by the river every weekends for example. We were really close and I easily met people thanks to the Welcome Weekend!
by Tiphaine   on Sep 07
When I arrived in the Netherland I knew I had to bike to go to university. But I didn't realise how important was biking! The bikers are always going first, they don't stop for pedestrians for example. They are rules to follow though, no phones on the bike and you can't be found drunk biking, you can get fined. I didn't know about those rules in my home country. But, what's good to know is that the university organizes biking courses for the new students at the beginning of the semester
A church turned into a library
by Louise   on Aug 30
If you're looking for an insolit place, let's head to Boekhandel Dominicanen. It's a library built within an old church.
How much living in the Netherlands costs and how to save some money
by Sara   on Jul 20
If you’re planning to go on exchange in the Netherlands here are a few things you need to know regarding your finances: - accommodation costs on average between 500 to 600€ per month - since life is pretty expensive you might need around 1000€ per month considering rent, food and leisure activities - public transports, in Rotterdam, cost a fortune if you don’t have a personal OV chipkaart (which I’d advise you to get, to have discounts also on NS trains to travel across the country). To get one you need a Dutch bank account, which is going to make life a lot easier once you are in the Netherlands since some place (including supermarkets like Albert Heijn) do not accept Visa or Mastercards but only Maestro cards. If you get a Dutch bank account you can easily pay online through iDeal, widely spread and secure online payment method in the Netherlands. - to visit museums and save money buy a Museum Kaart as soon as you arrive! It costs 64,90€, is valid for one year since the first use and with it you can visit more than 400 museums, art exhibitions and historical places across the country (even the most famous ones like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank house). Average cost to visit a museum (without the card): 10 to 15€.
My engagement with ESN Nijmegen
by Tiphaine   on Jun 21
I became a volunteer at ESN Nijmegen when I started my Erasmus there. They were planning events to learn Dutch, discover the culture, and meet new people. Every Tuesday, we'd meet in bars to party. Nijmegen has a small city center and all the bars are on the same street, making it easier to hang out. Plus, every Wednesday another association organizes dinner for 3 euros. We'd meet up and have a nice entire meal near campus.