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When I was Erasmus student at KTU, I was living in the student dorm. Good thing about dorms is that most of the Erasmus students are all in the same dorm. There are 2 corridors in each floor. Each corridor has its own kitchen, so you share kitchen with people on your side of the floor. Rooms are shared, 2 people in each. Some of them have their own bathrooms, so you share it only eith your roommate. While other are shared between 2 rooms, meaning 4 people, which is not that much. Rooms are fine, not brand new but also not too old or dirty. Cleaning service is every monday but they are cleaning only shared areas (kitchen and hallways). There is a basment with washing machines (4 at that time) and dryers (2 at that time). Also there is a common area between corridors where there are hangers for clothes if dryers are full. Monthly price for a room with shared bathroom is 100 euros.