How to find an accomodation in Torino ?

Posted by Valentine   on 6th October 2022
Hey ! You've been accepted for a mobility in Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo) and you're thrilled about it but you don't know how to find an accomodation ? Don't worry :) First of all, you should look at the Polito's website because there is a all page with a lot of links for plateform which looks like "Air B and B" for flats ( On this plateform you can find a lot of offers. In my case I used Cercoallogio and also HousingAnywhere (I found my flat thanks to Housing Anywhere) and it was really useful. You also have the possibility to go in a student residence (EDISU) but you have to do a demand for it. Futhermore, there is also a lot of Facebook groups. Yous can find some useful links for these kind of groups on the website of ESN Torino (an Erasmus association) ( ! Concerning the district, I will recommend you San Salvario, Marconi, near Piazza Castello, Porta Susa, they are really nice, living, dynamic and near everything. Your feet will be your best friends especially because public transports are not the best and finally, Torino is not so big !

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