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The university system in Politecnico di Torino
by Valentine   on Oct 11
The thing with studies in Italy is very theoritical. In France and especially in chemistry I’m used to do a lot of practicals and exercices in lectures. There, in Politecnico di Torino, it’s only theoritical lectures. After it dépends on the lecture you will chose. So for the exams I just had to learn the support of the lecture and that’s it. I didn’t have exercices in exams. Futhermore you also have the opportunity to learn italian or to improve tour italian thank to sole lectures made by level. At the begining of the semester you will have to pas a test to know you’re level and following this test you’ll follow the good lecture ( these lecture are made by the CLA). These lectures are really easy to follow and it’s 6 ECTS really easy to have ! The only thing about this italian lecture is the timetable… ( from 7 to 8 pm 3 Time a week)
Where to have a good and cheap Aperetivo ?
by Valentine   on Oct 11
There is this concept in Italia called « Aperetivo » and « Apericena » . This is more or les the same think but the only difference is the amount of food. Generally, aperetivo is a long drink (generally a spritz) and a bit of food in a plate. On the contrary the Apericena is food with drink (generally spritz) : you have much more food like a all meal ( indeed « cena » means diner in italian). After an apericena you will not be hungry and it’s a really good way to make friends. The price of an aperitivo could be between 5 and 10 euros and an apericena is around 12-13 euros. Some good adress: - Da Lisa : via Giuseppe Baretti, 2 Torino : price aperetivo 6 euros - Caffeteria dell’Università : via Madama Cristina , 34/f : price aperetivo 10 euros / apericena : 12 euros - Aldo’s bakery : Largo Saluzzo : price aperetivo 5/7 euros PS: if you are vegetarian , don’t forget to mention it ! Normally there is no problem but they will bring you something adapted !
How to make new friends in a new city (Torino)?
by Valentine   on Oct 06
You'll be an Erasmus student and you want to meet a lot of people ? You want to travel, to discover the Italian way of life and have good time ? I advise you to register in ESN Torino !! They propose a lot of events. They are really diverse and I'm sure you'll find your hapiness ! They propose day trips in the Piedmont region, week-end trips with others ESN section (in other cities), pasta tasting, parties in nightclub, sport event, clean walks , tandem nights ... Here is their website : But you should also follow them on instagram to have all the infos. If you need any help for anything they are available to help and guide you ! Futhermore there is also the association "Erasmus Torino" organizing other kind of events and co-organizing events with ESN Torino ! Here is their Facebook profile : Moreover, every tuesday there is an international language exchange focused on one country and every week , they change the country at the Der Keller bar
How to find an accomodation in Torino ?
by Valentine   on Oct 06
Hey ! You've been accepted for a mobility in Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo) and you're thrilled about it but you don't know how to find an accomodation ? Don't worry :) First of all, you should look at the Polito's website because there is a all page with a lot of links for plateform which looks like "Air B and B" for flats ( On this plateform you can find a lot of offers. In my case I used Cercoallogio and also HousingAnywhere (I found my flat thanks to Housing Anywhere) and it was really useful. You also have the possibility to go in a student residence (EDISU) but you have to do a demand for it. Futhermore, there is also a lot of Facebook groups. Yous can find some useful links for these kind of groups on the website of ESN Torino (an Erasmus association) ( ! Concerning the district, I will recommend you San Salvario, Marconi, near Piazza Castello, Porta Susa, they are really nice, living, dynamic and near everything. Your feet will be your best friends especially because public transports are not the best and finally, Torino is not so big !
Help french students to get familiar with the university in Italy
by Alice   on Sep 08
During my third year at the University in Turin, some french friends starded their first year of mobility. In Italy university works in a very different way than IEP in Bordeaux so I help them to understand how they can choose courses and organize their two semesters in Turin. "In Italy students have to be very independent in organizing their student life!" They told me. I was pleased to help them.