You have to taste ...!

Posted by Jérémy   on 17th May 2023
Alcalá is known for its tapas routes, which consist of having a drink in a bar, which is always accompanied by a tapas, which you can choose or not. My favourite tapas is huevos revueltos con chorizo, and the most typical I've tried is pigs ears, the texture is strange but it tastes really good. An incredible place to eat is Calle Ronda De La Pescadería, where you will find a space composed of 4 regional restaurants that will allow you to try menus from these 4 regions. From memory there was the casa rural de Asturias, the casa rural de Castilla La Mancha, the casa rural de Cantabria and the casa rural de Castilla y Leon. My favourite was the one in Castilla la Mancha, where you can eat Migas (bread with meat), paella of course, Gachas (dish in sauce) or an incredible cocido served in 2 huge dishes.

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