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You have to taste ...!
by Jérémy   on May 17
Alcalá is known for its tapas routes, which consist of having a drink in a bar, which is always accompanied by a tapas, which you can choose or not. My favourite tapas is huevos revueltos con chorizo, and the most typical I've tried is pigs ears, the texture is strange but it tastes really good. An incredible place to eat is Calle Ronda De La Pescadería, where you will find a space composed of 4 regional restaurants that will allow you to try menus from these 4 regions. From memory there was the casa rural de Asturias, the casa rural de Castilla La Mancha, the casa rural de Cantabria and the casa rural de Castilla y Leon. My favourite was the one in Castilla la Mancha, where you can eat Migas (bread with meat), paella of course, Gachas (dish in sauce) or an incredible cocido served in 2 huge dishes.
You have to taste ...!
by Julie   on Mar 14
The food in Biergartens are so delicious! Here in Bavaria, specialities are Wurst (sausages) and Bier (beer). You also need to try some Kaiserschmarrn (a kind a crepe with raisin).
Where to have a good and cheap Aperetivo ?
by Valentine   on Oct 11
There is this concept in Italia called « Aperetivo » and « Apericena » . This is more or les the same think but the only difference is the amount of food. Generally, aperetivo is a long drink (generally a spritz) and a bit of food in a plate. On the contrary the Apericena is food with drink (generally spritz) : you have much more food like a all meal ( indeed « cena » means diner in italian). After an apericena you will not be hungry and it’s a really good way to make friends. The price of an aperitivo could be between 5 and 10 euros and an apericena is around 12-13 euros. Some good adress: - Da Lisa : via Giuseppe Baretti, 2 Torino : price aperetivo 6 euros - Caffeteria dell’Università : via Madama Cristina , 34/f : price aperetivo 10 euros / apericena : 12 euros - Aldo’s bakery : Largo Saluzzo : price aperetivo 5/7 euros PS: if you are vegetarian , don’t forget to mention it ! Normally there is no problem but they will bring you something adapted !
Food aid for students
by Marion   on Oct 03
An association called Linkee organises food distributions for students twice a week! You can get a bag full of fresh and seasonal products for free! You just have to show your student card to get access
My supermarket in Lisboa
by Beatriz   on Aug 15
In Lisbon, there are a lot of supermarkets brands that are everywhere in the country and they all compete to have the lowest price. The big ones are Pingo Doce and Continente, with Lidl and Auchan right behind. Now, personally, I like more Continente, mainly because of their own products, which in portuguese we call them "White brands". However, the take away part of the supermarket is not the best there; for take away I usually go to Pingo Doce. You can find these two supermarkets everywhere, and with very different sizes depending on the location (when you are in the historical part of Lisbon, usually they are very small and compact supermarkets; but as you go to the suburbs, you start seeing huge supermarkets - hypermarkets, as we call it - that have more products and more brands that you can choose from).
by Marion   on Jul 31
Apart from the red wine of Bordeaux, you must try the Canelés ! A small cake flavoured with rum, it is one of the symbols of the city. Two shops are in fierce competition to see who can make the best canelés ... It's up to you to decide ;)
A typical Breton meal
by Marion   on Jul 31
If you are in Brittany you must taste the "galette-saucisse"! It is often eaten during football matches. You can find it on markets or at Roazhon Park, the famous red and black football stadium.
If you are in Rome, you certainly want to try some local typical dishes. I suggest you go and discover popular neighborhoods, like San Lorenzo, Testaccio, Garbatella, Pigneto. You will find "osteria" as well as more classic restaurants. Make your mobility experience count also from the culinary art's point of view! This can be also a chance to share experiences with your friend at the university and don't be afraid to engage local students, they will be more than happy to give you advice and maybe also come to eat with you!
My free time in Nancy
by Nicolás   on Jul 12
Living in Nancy is super interesting because it's a small city with several enjoyable places! Among the main touristic spots you can find the Place Stanislas, which is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe! In the square you can find nice restaurants, clubs, tobacco shops, the City hall and the Lorraine's opera. The Place Stanislas is located at the city centre and can be reached by biking, walking, numerous buses and the tramway.
Un desayuno típico sevillano
by Marion   on Jun 27
If you want to eat a real Sevillian breakfast, this is the perfect address: Café Bar Er Tito ! Next to "Las Setas", an emblematic place in Seville, you can enjoy real 'tostadas' with freshly squeezed orange juice or coffee.
You have to taste Index !
by Jovana   on Jun 26
Index is a classic in Novi Sad. It's the best sandwich you'll ever taste. You can find them everywhere but the best one is probably the one in Index House in the city center
My best culinary experiences in Liège
by Ilaria   on May 19
Liège is truly a place to taste! Famous for its gaufres et boulettes à la liègoise, the great city of Wallonia managed to sweep me off my feet and even make me fall in love with its beer. I spent the best evenings of my Erasmus at the famous Pot au lait bar, a unique place to meet people, relax and discover bizarre and original objects and furnishings. Beer was the ever-present companion of our nights. Liège is in fact the city where the Jupiler is brewed, which it can be found in every corner of the city and student party. At the end of the evening, Le Petit Carré was the place to refuel before going to bed. Open until late at night, I was able to taste some really 'out of bounds' fries, accompanied by my favourite sauce, Andalusian salsa. Weekends were punctuated by walks along the Meuse river and binges of gaufres, a typical Liège speciality! Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette, the place of the heart was located right halfway between my house and the main square, therefore an unmissable stop on my weekend strolls. Finally, I cannot fail to mention the famous boulettes à la ligèoise, always and exclusively at La Regence, a rustic but affordable place for students and young people.
Living expenses in Madrid
by Ilaria   on May 19
Living in Madrid is not that pricey, but you have to be careful to control your budget. The most expensive thing in Madrid is probably the rent. In fact, the average price for a room in the city centre is between 400-600 euros. Personally, I paid 490 without bills, and about 520 with bills. In the peripheral areas of Madrid you can also find accommodation from 300 to 400 euros, but obviously there will be fewer facilities than in the centre. The monthly transport card is only 20 euros for those under 26 years old (Abono Joven) and you can take all metro, buses and trains throughout the metropolitan region of Madrid. If you are over 26 years old, the price of the monthly card starts at 54.60€ and increases depending on how many zones you add to your purchase. However, if you live with or near your friends, you can share an Uber or Cabify at very affordable prices. Eating and drinking out in Madrid is probably the most convenient thing. Tapas and cerveza are an almost daily appointment for Spaniards. For example, a place to enjoy bocadillos and cerveza at student prices is 100 Montaditos, which on some days has an 'everything for 1€' promotion. For my monthly shopping I spend around 100€, trying to go to cheaper supermarkets such as Lidl, Dia and Mercadona. Going out in Madrid can be surprising. In fact, there are many clubs with free entry especially for Erasmus students and more chic discos, where entry is around 15€.