My best culinary experiences in Liège

Posted by Ilaria   on 19th May 2022
Liège is truly a place to taste! Famous for its gaufres et boulettes à la liègoise, the great city of Wallonia managed to sweep me off my feet and even make me fall in love with its beer. I spent the best evenings of my Erasmus at the famous Pot au lait bar, a unique place to meet people, relax and discover bizarre and original objects and furnishings. Beer was the ever-present companion of our nights. Liège is in fact the city where the Jupiler is brewed, which it can be found in every corner of the city and student party. At the end of the evening, Le Petit Carré was the place to refuel before going to bed. Open until late at night, I was able to taste some really 'out of bounds' fries, accompanied by my favourite sauce, Andalusian salsa. Weekends were punctuated by walks along the Meuse river and binges of gaufres, a typical Liège speciality! Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette, the place of the heart was located right halfway between my house and the main square, therefore an unmissable stop on my weekend strolls. Finally, I cannot fail to mention the famous boulettes à la ligèoise, always and exclusively at La Regence, a rustic but affordable place for students and young people.

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