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My engagement with...
by Juliette   on Apr 19
When I returned to France after my exchange year in Granada, I joined the local ESN section. We organised activities for international students (not only Erasmus), trips and hikes to discover the region (Strasbourg, Metz, the Vosges, Lyon, etc.) but also cultural, artistic, sports and festive activities! It allowed me to extend my Erasmus exchange and at the same time I discovered new things and ways of working which changed my professional orientation. It's not just about partying, learning a language and visiting a new place for a few months. It brings so much more!
What to do after school classes?
by Nicolás   on Jul 12
The Université de Lorraine has an extremely good sports programme for every student in Nancy! Its name is SUAPS. It consists in paying 10 EUR (maybe more expensive nowadays) per year to have access to a lot of sports classes such as volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, swimming, martial arts and even circus jugglery. Normally, every Thursday at afternoon students don't have any classes so they can practice a sport or do some physical activity in any sports centre in the city thanks to this programme!
My free time in Nancy
by Nicolás   on Jul 12
Living in Nancy is super interesting because it's a small city with several enjoyable places! Among the main touristic spots you can find the Place Stanislas, which is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe! In the square you can find nice restaurants, clubs, tobacco shops, the City hall and the Lorraine's opera. The Place Stanislas is located at the city centre and can be reached by biking, walking, numerous buses and the tramway.