Where to have a good and cheap Aperetivo ?

Posted by Valentine   on 11th October 2022
There is this concept in Italia called « Aperetivo » and « Apericena » . This is more or les the same think but the only difference is the amount of food. Generally, aperetivo is a long drink (generally a spritz) and a bit of food in a plate. On the contrary the Apericena is food with drink (generally spritz) : you have much more food like a all meal ( indeed « cena » means diner in italian). After an apericena you will not be hungry and it’s a really good way to make friends. The price of an aperitivo could be between 5 and 10 euros and an apericena is around 12-13 euros. Some good adress: - Da Lisa : via Giuseppe Baretti, 2 Torino : price aperetivo 6 euros - Caffeteria dell’Università : via Madama Cristina , 34/f : price aperetivo 10 euros / apericena : 12 euros - Aldo’s bakery : Largo Saluzzo : price aperetivo 5/7 euros PS: if you are vegetarian , don’t forget to mention it ! Normally there is no problem but they will bring you something adapted !

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