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Important administrativement
by Louise   on Jun 06
Dès que tu arrives en Allemagne, tu devras aller voir AOK, le service d'assurance maladie allemand, pour qu'il te délivre un papier selon lequel tu n'as pas pas besoin d'assurance maladie allemande car tu es assuré dans un autre pays de l'UE, il te faudra ta carte européenne d'assurance maladie aussi avec. Aussi en Allemagne, tu dois t'inscrire auprès des mairies quand t'arrives donc hésite pas quand t'arrives à demander à des profs ou quoi pour qu'ils t'expliquent comment faire parce que c'est différent selon les Länder !
You have to taste ...!
by Julie   on Mar 14
The food in Biergartens are so delicious! Here in Bavaria, specialities are Wurst (sausages) and Bier (beer). You also need to try some Kaiserschmarrn (a kind a crepe with raisin).
Sport as a student in Munich
by Julie   on Mar 14
Zentraler Hochschulsport München (ZHS), the University Sports Center, offers student in Munich to practice sport for cheap prices. At the beginning of the semester, you can purchase a basic ticket (10€) on their website that permits you to register for a wide variety of sport. Some sport may require additional fees. The first semester, I registered to the swimming pool. Therefore, in the week-end I could swim in the Munich Olympic swimming pool. The second semester I registered for a traditional dance course and an orienteering course. Courses are in German but a lot of exchange students take part in it. It is a lot of fun ! In the winter you can register for ski lessons and in summer for sailing lessons ! Tip : Find your perfect sport for next semester on Be fast to register once registration opens as spots are limited and are usually gone in a few minutes !
Every student will receive a buddy (local student) after acceptance. Students find a course catalogue and information how to fill out their Online Learning Agreement on the website. The course structure is always the same: 30 ECTS studio work in the Art Department (other courses might be added) and 20 ECTS main project (plus other minor courses) in the Design Department. All information is available here: